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Every recipe on this site has been designed with gut health in mind. What this means is that they use the most natural ingredients possible (plants and animals), making every recipe as nutritious as possible.

Humans evolved eating plants and animals. Factories and labs were not part of the process, in fact they are a very new in terms of human evolution. For this reason it should be obvious that our bodies were never designed to digest the processed “food” that lines the supermarket shelves.

These days there are a lot of misconceptions about what eating healthy is, but the best thing you can do is reduced the processed food in your diet and increase the amount of plants and animals you eat instead. It is sometimes harder said than done (believe me, I know, after all chocolate is my favourite food!), but the recipes on this site will hopefully help to get you started. They’ll show you how to get flavour and excitement out of your food, with relatively minimal effort.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I’ve shared here. There is also infomation here about gut health, and to learn more about me and the inspiration behind this site read my story.

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